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Maxxscreen Giant F

  • 3D silver electric rollable screen up to size of 15 m width and 6,75 m height with no visible seam  
  • rolling system where the projection screen surface rolls up around the slat bar which is rolled up with two steel cables
  • rolling system ensures the flattest possible surfaces for sizes over 7 metres wide and is the ideal choice for conference halls , theaters, cinemas and other large venues
  • robust truss frame for maximum strength of construction
  • the screen surface is given a high-quality coating after the welding, whereby the horizontal seams are not longer visible
  • high-quality, stable square steel housing, 1 mm steel sheet
  • housing colour: white
  • ceiling installation as standard
  • maintenance– free robust motor incl. thermo protection against overheating
  • easy and safe handling due to an electrical drive, rotary switch included
  • automatic electrical end switch at the top and bottom
  • maintenance-free winding shaft, quiet and vibration-free
  • customized  sizes, special colour of casing, different types of screens surfaces on request


Projection surface


  • PVC based material with special coating, rear side white, non-perforated
  • Typ D - matt white, wide viewing angle
  • Tener matt white 1,4

On request

  • perforated, mini-perforated
  • more detailed description according to individual projection surfaces
  • Front and rear projection
  • Neve


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external dimension / size of image
weight ntto / btto
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