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great things speak for themselves:

Summer cinema in Colloredo-Mansfeld Pallace

Summer cinema in Colloredo-Mansfeld Pallace
Plana Fold, 510x291/580x281 cm

Presentation of virtual inspection in store

Frame Basic, 660x230 cm with radius

Summer cinema Pardubice - Czech Republic

Cinema screen Sonora Tener NC; 12,8 x 7,1 m

Cerna v Posumavi - Czech Republic

Cinema screen Sonora Tener NC; 13,8x5,35 m

Wroclaw - Poland

Maxxsscreen 36 TabTension; 500 x 800 cm, Type D

AVL Projekt Int doo - serbia TV

Double Frame FS radius; 500+500x300 cm, Type D

Uherský Brod - Czech Republic

Maxxscreen 20; 550x440 cm, Type D matt white

AVL Projekt Int doo - Serbia

Rollfix TabTension 230x134/220x124 cm, Typ D + Cinema screen Type D 1.4 miniperforated; 5,8x3,25 m

Giometti - Italia

Cinema screen Type D matt white NC; 13,8 x 6 m

Maria-Theresia-Saal-Paralmentarisch - Germany

Maxxscreen 27; 600 x 500 cm

Racecourse BadenBaden - Germany

2x Wall Frame Pro 1027x297/1017x287 cm, Repro LS - rear projection

UCI Germany

10x cinema screens Type 3D; 17 x 7,05 - 10,5 x 5,5 m

Multifunctional hall GONG, Ostrava - Czech Republic

3 x Maxxscreen 20 TabTension 400x300/390x290cm rear projection

CCIB Barcelona- Spain

Snow white 1.4; 20,4 x 8,75 m

St. Valentin - Austria

3x Maxxscreen 20; 400 x 400 cm

Ferrières-en-Brie - France

Double Frame FS; 9 x 3,76 m

Cinema Frýdlant - Czech Republic

cinema screen Type 3D; 9,95 x 4,15 m

Basic school, Zwickau - Germany

Frame Mobil; 644x200/634x190 cm Type D
Radius 160°

Presidential library, St. Petersburg - Russia

Maxxscreen 36; 9,5 x 11 m Type D perforated

Auto Škoda a.s., Czech Republic

Frame Standard; 30 x 3 m

The University of Hong Kong

Maxxscreen 36 TabTension; 9 x 8,2 m Type D

Exhibition ground Munich International

18x Maxxscreen TabTension

Industrial association HV, Vienna

2x Maxxscreen TabTension

Aalsmeer - Netherlands

Maxxscreen Giant; 14 x 8,5 m

Wine association, Baden Baden-Germany

Maxxscreen 15; 400 x 300 cm

Hotel Hilton

Maxxscreen TabTension